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Hub Drag Deconstruction Project

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Raghav. V. et al., "Investigation of drag and wake turbulence of a rotor hub", Aerospace Science and Technology 28 (1) July 2013, pp. 164-175. Accepted Manuscript (PDF)


Deconstructed Hub Loads Data

Readme File

General Tests

Compiled Hub Drag Tests

Fairing + Tare

No Scissors Tests

Azimuth-Resolved Tests


Final Report on Experiments, Sep.30, 2013

Raghav, V., et al, "Exploration of the Physics of Hub Drag". AIAA Paper 2012-1070, 50th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting, Nashville, TN, January 2012 AIAA2012_1070

Rotating Hub Hot-film Anemometer Data (See Data Guide ADLR2013070101.pdf for usage)

Rotating Hub Anemometry Data Guide:Report No. ADLR2013070101.pdf
  ONR Review June2013 PIV data in Hub Wake  
    Freestream Turbulence Hot-film Anemometer Data  


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