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Welcome to EXTROVERT!


Rooted in aerospace engineering, EXTROVERT is a resource to help people learn to innovate solutions to problems, going across several disciplines. It was developed with support from NASA grant NNX09AF67G, under the Innovation in Aerospace Instruction initiative. It includes


  • Detailed course content in some disciplines,

  • Examples of solved problems

  • Web-based surveys to test one's understanding of disciplines

  • Examples of case studies

  • Examples of advanced concept development projects

  • Pointers to other resources used in problem-solving


This is a part of the Aerospace Digital Library (www.adl.gatech.edu). Some ways that people use EXTROVERT are:

1. Learn detailed technical content (course notes and eBooks) going seamlessly across levels.

2. Try out solved problems related to these course modules..

3. Test their own understanding through online surveys.

4. Find reports on developing concepts from dream to reality in a systematic progression.

5. Read the Case Studies on how people are learning to innovate and solve problems across disciplines.

6. Find links to advanced resources that engineers use.


Login information is required to access some portions of the EXTROVERT project.

There is no cost to log in, but please contact the webmaster to get login credentials.



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